Texas Health Insurance for low income

Looking for the Best Texas Health Insurance for Low Income

Health is considered a basic human right. For that reason, healthcare service should be accessible to anyone in any part of the world. Unfortunately, things do not go as we expect it. In some places, like Texas, people cannot afford to pay for high medical expenses. Based on report from http://datacenter.commonwealthfund.org, this state does not perform very well in terms of healthcare access. Of course, these people can get health insurance but even it can be quiet costly especially for those with dismal income. In the next part of article, everything related to Texas Health Insurance for low income residents will be discussed.

List of Great Texas Health Insurance for Low Income Residents

There are many amazing insurance plans out there that can cover various types of medical services nicely. However, when your ability to afford monthly premium and other insurance costs is limited, the good plan options also shrink. Nonetheless, you can still find best individual health insurance Texas low income residents plan among the short list. Here are several insurance providers that make it to the list.

1. Blue Cross Blue of Shield Texas

As one of the major insurance providers in United States, it is no wonder that the company is within this list.  The insurance company is categorized as HMO or health maintenance organization, which is known to have the most affordable plans but stricter regulations. Blue Advantage Silver plan is a Texas Health Insurance for low income people that this provider offers. When you are getting this insurance plan, you may get extra healthcare subsidies from the government. This plan reaches every county within Texas State so it is highly accessible to you.

2. Ambetter (Celtic)

This provider is a subsidiary of Celtic, which is considered among the biggest providers in States. Ambetter is included in EPO or exclusive provider organization category. It is pricier than HMO plan, but has more flexibility. The company’s plans cover 41 counties within Texas, although its area of operation revolves around metropolitan spots. In 2018, it increases average rate by 47.7% from the previous year. Although premium gets significantly higher, there will be more subsidies for those who get bronze and silver insurance plans.

3. FirstCare Health Plans

The insurance provider was founded by two hospitals in Texas, Hendrick Health System and Covenant Health in 1985. Nowadays, it operates in 143 counties within this state. The provider offers Texas Health Insurance for low income residents plans within HMO network. It works together with more than 210 hospitals and 18,900 primary care doctors and specialists. Compared to 2017, its average rate has seen significant increase of 27.74% in 2018.

4. Christus Health

This not for profit insurance provider has served about 25,000 Texas residents in 2017. In this state, it operates in 25 counties. Christus Health works within HMO network which means that the premium is cheaper than many plans in insurance market. However, in 2018, this provider increases its rate based on participant’s type of plan. If you are getting silver plan which is found to federal marketplace, the chance is you will see an increase up to 71%. Despite substantial increase, there is better chance to receive subsidies for your medical expenses.

5. IdealCare (Sendero Health Plans)

IdealCare by Sendero only has coverage in narrow area within this state, Travis County, which only consists of eight counties. Nonetheless, the HMO-based nonprofit organization is a very good option of Texas Health Insurance for low income residents in that area. In total, they have more than hundred thousand participants that are joining their insurance plans. The main reason is because price range that this provider offers is highly competitive. That price is increased in 2018, though, by about 47.2%. Still, it is a provider that you need to consider.

6. Molina Health Care

Molina Health Care is another insurance provider that works within HMO network. It serves residents in nine counties within Texas, such as El Paso and Dallas. If compared to the previous year, current average premium rate increased by 40.7%. In 2018, this insurance company decides not to promote their service outside federal marketplace. Because of its limited marketing, it predicts to serve lower number of customers this year.

Things to Consider When Getting Texas Health Insurance for Low Income Residents

There is no one single plan that can fit everyone’s healthcare needs. Nonetheless, there are some key aspects to ponder before you are getting Texas Health Insurance for low income residents. Below are several points that you need to remember.

  • Type of Network

As stated previously, there are several insurance network types. You can find HMO, POS (point of service), EPO, and PPO (preferred provider organization) insurance plans in the market. Network type affects the way your insurance works. As an example, HMO plan is often the cheapest option of Texas Health Insurance for low income citizens. However, you have to go to one primary physician to receive medical assistance. If you ever need specialist’s attention, you have to get referral first from that physician. In addition to that, when you are receiving medical service from outside your network, out-of-pocket cost system is applied fully. In PPO the rule is less rigid, but you have to pay higher premium.

  • Size of Network

In addition to pricing and type of plan, network size also matters in your decision. You might find a highly affordable Texas Health Insurance for low income people in the market. However, once you thoroughly research the plan, you find out that its network is so narrow. You will have a hard time finding medical service if you are getting that insurance plan.

  • Insurance Coverage

Do not get swindled by extremely low premium. It is not the only cost aspect that you have to pay attention to. Before applying, you need to consider deductibles and coverage for different situations. Choose one plan that fits your situation and financial capability the most.

As you can see, finding good Texas Health Insurance for low income residents is not an easy task. With some pointers, however, you can make informed decision that will give you the most out of hard-earned money you spent.

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