self employed health insurance plans

Recommended Options for Self Employed Health Insurance Plans

Recommended Options for Self Employed Health Insurance Plans

Self-employed should not worry about health insurance. While employees typically get protection from the company, self-employed has to be more independent. Self-employed actually refers to person who runs a business by himself but does not have employees. Today, many self employed health insurance plans are available that offers various coverage.

Self-employed insurance is known to be more flexible with high quality coverage. Whether you are a consultant, freelancer or independent worker, this kind of health insurance is recommended. Generally, the coverage option ranges from medication to CHIP program. The plans come with various premiums starting from the low to the more expensive plans. There are several insurance plans that offer insurance plans for self-employed.

Affordable Self Employed Health Insurance Plans to Choose

In fact, finding reliable self-employed health insurance is not a piece of cake. Available in various choices and plans, it is rather overwhelming to choose one that suits your budget. Here are recommended options that you can choose once you are going to get self employed health insurance plans.

  1. eHealthInsurance

This insurance is highly recommended for freelancers or self-employed. Aside from its affordable premium, eHealthInsurance also offers health plan and coverage that is considered as good. This insurance is also comparable to the conventional health insurance. It is noted that eHealthInsurance offers $198 each month.

  1. Telemedicine services

Other affordable self employed health insurance plans is Telemedicine. Even though this insurance company is budget friendly, it gives you high class service in much easier way. As its name suggests, Telemedicine lets you speak to the doctor by phone. Before making a call, make sure you register yourself as a patient. They will provide your medical record to the telemedicine company.

Whenever you have a question or in small emergency, you will be connected to the qualified doctor right away. The doctor will make diagnosis depending on your symptoms. You will get treatment recommendation. If needed, the doctor makes prescription for you. The best part of this health insurance is their ability to access your medical history so that they understand what to do with your health.

Due to the virtual connection, Telemedicine services help you save money for the consultation and checkup. Not to mention you can talk to the doctor almost anywhere and anytime. In other words, Telemedicine service is highly recommended for business person with high mobility. Some companies that provide telemedicine services are Amwell, HealthTap, CallMD and Providence.

  1. Health Savings Account

The other self employed health insurance plans will be Health Savings Account or HSA. This account allows you to have more control over health insurance. Not only that, it also enables you to get tax deduction. Generally, this account is linked to high deductible health plan or also known as HDHP. The feature includes paying medical expense using different account. Usually the users get debit card, allowing them to pay almost everything, ranging from prescription to surgery.

The good thing offered by HSA is the fact that the account is yours. The contributed money belongs to your family and you; therefore it can be used for any medical expenses. HSA comes with rule that you have to understand. You must spend the money only on medical expenses that are qualified. Therefore, you can avoid penalty or paying taxes.

HSA account allows you to get interest from the money. No need to worry about tax because it is tax-deferred. Furthermore, the withdrawal from account is tax-free when the money is spent on medical expenses. The money you keep on the account will not go anywhere. It will stay there year by year. You can keep using it as long as it has sufficient balance. It makes sense HSA account becomes one of favorite types of health insurance plans for the self employed.

  1. Secure Doctor Consultation

It is not a secret that speaking to a qualified doctor will spend you a lot of money. However, it will be different if you speak to them by phone or online, just like what is provided by this self employed health insurance plans. Consulting to a doctor via video call or online saves ton of money. Not to mention you can choose qualified doctor as you like. This flexibility is really suitable for the self-employed with high mobility.

This is how it works. Simply access the website of HealthTap and ask the qualified doctor. Soon you will be connected to the doctor that will answer your health questions. You can also get solution as well as recommended treatment to solve your health problem. It is obvious that online consultation is more efficient and time-saving.

  1. GoHealth

Just like the other self employed health insurance plans, Go Health is getting more popular due to the convenience it offers. This insurance plan is rater similar to eHealthInsurance. Simply enter the state, information about you and your family and answer some questions. You will then see a list of provider that comes with different rates. GoHealth has no less than 10,000 insurance agents who are ready to help you find the best and affordable health care choice. The fact that GoHealth is specially designed for self-employed makes it focus on giving the best service for the self-employed.

  1. Healthcare sharing ministry

This program is recommended for you who do not want to spend money on paying open market insurance. Right after being a member of Healthcare sharing ministry, you will get an access to shared box. This allows you to contribute monthly premium to fund you or other member’s health care. With sharing self employed health insurance plans, you only need to pay $135 for annual fee and $307 monthly share portion.

The insurance plans above are recommended for the self-employed who are looking for affordable and reliable health insurance. These self employed health insurance plans come with different features and coverage options that can be adjusted to fit you best. All of them have similarity on flexibility and affordability. Not to mention the feature of online consultation, allowing the customer to save ton of money on consultation and other medical bill.

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