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The Best Family Insurance Plans with Many Benefits

Employers provide insurance for their employees that extend to family member. Usually, one person includes his or her spouse and two children. However, high cost in health and medical field puts company and employers to reduce such insurance. This is where family insurance plans come into the right place. As you know, this kind of insurance is suitable to cover more than one person. You can buy insurance for your own, children, and parents separately. Unfortunately, that is not efficient way to consolidate the financial benefit. 

List of Family Insurance Plans

Family plan is not new offer from the insurance company. To attract more clients and customers, the company creates various insurances to fulfill what their needs. As the result, you can have insurance with single premium, but you can include more members to receive the benefits. Here are the top choices of the best family insurance provider.

1. Cigna

If you look for family insurance plans, Cigna has interesting offer for family-based insurance. This company belongs to the top list as health insurance provider. Based on, Cigna covers almost basic medical need in 12 states. The network is big with many doctors and hospital. To support clients, there is online system with capability to handle all claims, give any information, etc. You can access it easily anywhere anytime.

2. Allianz

Health insurance is the area where many providers try to attract more people. You can find companies from small to big ones. Allianz is the prominent name in insurance industry, commonly familiar in financial area. However, the company also participates to give family plan coverage. Good thing about Allianz is the vast network and international benefits. Each country might have different rules, but you can adjust to what local systems do. This is suitable option for tourists and their children during vacation.

3. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Another option for family insurance plans comes from Blue Cross Blue Shield. The company consists of many hospitals, doctors, and local health providers. This kind of network gives advantage in medical cost. Some insurance companies charge and calculate the same cost for treatments in all states. On contrary, Blue Cross gives local cost for patients. Meanwhile, the cost is efficient and patient will get what the best for him. This is one of the top companies in health insurance area for private medical service. Besides family plan, Blue cross also has several offers for various needs.

4. Kaeser Permanente

Quality is the top priority when discussing about family insurance plans. You can rely on Kaeser Permanente for this kind of service. Several advantages include the high quality service and affordable premium. This company develops special health network to support medical treatment as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, you might not find Kaeser Permanente in many states due to limited operational area.

5. Prudential

There are few names in insurance industry with capability to expand on many countries. If you just arrive as foreigner in new country, Prudential is a good choice for family health insurance. Most companies work together with Prudential to cover health benefit for their employees. It also extends to their family members such as spouse and children. To know more about Prudential, ask the local office for further information.

6. AIG

Family insurance involves health benefits and standard life insurance. Well, health is the most common reason why people include their family as insured member. Another benefit is life insurance that protects financial lose when one of your family members is passed away. You can have AIG to handle this kind of benefits.

7. Humana

Vast network and lower price are the factors to put Humana in this list. Policyholder does not have to worry when going on journey, but he requires medical support. Humana also has the top quality service, though its premium is very affordable. It does not just reduce the price to attract more customers, but increase customer’s support as well. That’s why you should consider Humana to be at your list.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Family Insurance Plans

  • Premium

Health cost raises in significant rate due to more demand for better health practice. Modern technology and medicine eradicate old disease types which come from virus and bacteria. On the other side, people have illness not from bacteria, but their own lifestyle. This is why the cost cannot be decreased.

First thing to consider when deciding to take family insurance plans is premium. Keep in mind that this insurance pays single premium for one family benefit. You can choose monthly premium because it’s relatively affordable. However, annual premium is better if you want long-term family protection.

  • Benefits

Another thing is the benefit from family insurance. Most of benefits are health-related services from small to complex procedure. You can choose which kind of benefit that’s suitable for family. As you know, the family has at least policyholder, his or her spouse, and kids. The benefits must capable to support their needs when something happens, particularly for health coverage.

  • Doctor and health provider network

Each insurance company has its own network for doctor, hospital, and health provider. Small company has small network that’s not available in certain states or countries. If you want to go abroad, choose family insurance plans that provide international coverage. Usually, big names have extended benefits that can support policyholder in area where there is no doctor from their network.

  • Family age

Last thing about family insurance plans is age. Small family will be enough with decent plan since it covers most of what they needs. On contrary, policyholder might add more people into insurance account due to new responsibility. In this case, the age of those people should be put into utmost consideration. It is wise to separate old people into solely different insurance plan because the premium will be high. Family insurance has age limit for children, mostly under 21 years old.

Many options give the opportunity to compare the company each other. You should think about what your family needs the most. Children will require health support at early age, but it’s reduced significantly during teenage. In this case, you only need to focus in obtaining family insurance plans that handle daily basis health treatment. For specific benefit, it is better to choose individual plan.

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