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Compare Health Insurance Plans for Better Benefits

Health becomes important part because it impacts many things. In general, workers receive insurance from their company to cover health cost. That is not enough to protect many things. This is where you need to compare health insurance plans from private companies.

The comparison gives clear insight about premium, coverage, and premium. Those things are what people consider before choosing the health insurance. In fact, health and medical cost increases every year due to inflation level. Instead of saving on your own, it is better to rely on health insurance. The company helps to measure what cost for specific medical treatment, including daily basis medical check-up. To compare health insurance plans, let’s check the list below for your references.

Lists of Insurance Company to Compare Health Insurance Plans

In the real situation, one company offers more than single plan to fulfill what client wants. For example, there are insurances for kids, adult, and old people. Besides the age, health insurance is also available based on period and family plan. The insurance may work for short term in less than five year. Another one is for longer period up to age 55 years old then extended with special premium for old age.

1. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is company that cannot be ignored when you compare health insurance plans. This company consists of multiple agencies that are available in many areas. Health and medical plans are available with average and adjustable range into local condition. With this offer, each client will receive the best treatment based on local health with affordable price. Besides direct treatment, the company provides discount and low price for health club. This is suitable for young people in order to keep their healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Blue Cross Blue Shield has what everyone needs the most with varied plans.

2. Humana

Another company on this list is Humana. If you compare health insurance plans, premium is the key factor. Human provides affordable plans to receive any medical and health benefits. Based on comparison data, average plans from Humana have lowest price. To support clients, the company also develops online tool for information and service center. However, Humana still has low geographical coverage because it’s only available in certain states.

3. Aetna

Aetna is the top company with many health plans for everyone. You can have benefits such as dental, student health, vision, and international insurance. The latter is rare to find among many insurance companies. As you know, health plans are strictly limited to local regulation. However, Aetna integrates its offers to support international benefits for their product. This kind of service is the reason to put this company on list of the best health insurance plans. Aetna provides almost every plan in health insurance area. Another good thing about this company is long historical service to give the utmost quality program at all.

4. Cigna

One of prominent companies in insurance industry is Cigna. When you compare health insurance plans, it will not complete without Cigna on the list. People want their medication and treatment to be a part of health plans. Cigna provides useful website and system to make sure everything that client wants is available. For health plans, the premium rates are quite affordable. They are $300, $350, and $500 for the age of 30, 45, and 55 years old respectively.

More reasons to choose Cigna are high-deductible plan, global coverage, dental insurance, and health savings account. This company is suitable for traveler because it covers many countries. Moreover, Cigna has large networks of hospital and doctors including customer portal to support the claim.

5. Kaeser Permanente

Quality becomes the top priority in Kaeser Permanente. This is not just insurance company, but the health and medical network with their own doctors and hospitals. You can apply for health plan that’s available in eight states. The area might not vast and wide, but the quality service is the reason to put Kaeser Permanente at top choice. Moreover, this company provides doctor arrangement for international treatment. Kaeser Permanente is what you should consider when you compare health insurance plans.

Compare Health Insurance Plans and Consider These Important Things
  • Age

There is no single health plan from insurance company to fulfill the entire needs for lifetime. Most of companies offer various services based on few factors. One at the top lists is the age for insurer and insured.

Why age is important? Well, baby requires more health care than teenage and adult. Kids are vulnerable with severe disease, but they turn to be stronger when they grow old. After passing forty years old, there is more need for health benefits. The health insurance company will assess the age as factor to decide the premium and benefits. Parents can include their kids into insurance benefits. However, it is strongly recommended to separate old people on different plans. Insurance company has plans for people with age more than 55 years old, even 70 to 80.

  • Benefits and Coverage

Another thing is benefits, including the coverage. As it mentioned above, company has plans with various benefits depending on what you want to have. You can choose to have health insurance for basic service or special treatment. The examples of special insurance are the vision, cancer treatment, diabetes, and illness that need advanced continuity procedure. The benefits and coverage are the items as the factors to compare health insurance plans.

  • Network size

The last thing is network size, such as doctor, hospital, client support, and company size. There are many prominent companies in insurance industry that available worldwide. Bigger network does not mean better service and plans. You need also consider what kind of service that company network can provide. Moreover, some people also consider international benefits that come in handy for traveler.

Which one is the best health plan? Well, to answer this, you need to conduct extensive research to compare health insurance plans. Besides the above list, there are still many companies from small to the big ones with interesting plans for health insurance. Just choose the best one which can fulfill what you need the most.

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